Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

NW Power and Air can help you save on utility costs and add decorative appeal to any room with a new ceiling fan installation. We offer ceiling fan installation and ceiling fan replacement services for your home. Our service area includes Thurston County, King County, Lewis County, Grays Harbor County, and Pierce County in Washington.

Ceiling Fan Installation Service In WA

NW Power and Air provides ceiling fan installation services to equip your home with new cooling possibilities. Installation takes about 1-2 hours, and our licensed and experienced technicians will get the job done safely and accurately. We will ensure that your ceiling fan is set up, mounted, correctly wired, and running efficiently, so you can enjoy the convenience and aesthetic improvement of your new ceiling fan right away.

What To Expect For Your Ceiling Fan Installation?

To install the ceiling fan, your technician may need access to the attic space above the installation site, if accessible, but if not, that is okay. The job can still be done.

Before beginning the installation, your technician will turn off the circuit breaker and remove the wires attached to your old fan or light fixture. Once removed, the technician will access the electrical box, which will likely require additional reinforcements to accommodate the added weight and movement of the new ceiling fan. This is quite normal when replacing light fixtures with a ceiling fan. To ensure safe mounting and support of the fan, the technician will use joist hangers or secure a larger fan box to the joist. The fan motor will then be connected, and fan blades will be placed to complete the installation.

Ceiling Fan Replacement Service In WA

NW Power and Air also provides ceiling fan replacement services to residents within their Service Area. If you have a fan that needs replacement, either because you want to add function (e.g., lighting, remote control) or aesthetics (e.g., lamp covers) to the room, our technicians can help you replace the old ceiling fan with the new one. Our technicians will ensure your ceiling fan replacement is set up, mounted, correctly wired, and running efficiently, so you can enjoy the convenience and aesthetic improvement of your new ceiling fan right away.

Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an effective and economical means to cool your home. Constantly running the air conditioning can run up your power bills. One way to keep a check on this expense is to install ceiling fans. You can turn up your air conditioner at night and use your ceiling fan as an alternate cooling solution, especially during the summer months. You can also use the ceiling fan to lower indoor humidity levels, provide extra moisture control, and reduce the risk of mold and mildew indoors.

Contact NW Power and Air For Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

If you need help installing or replacing your ceiling fan, call NW Power and Air at (360) 810-0678 to schedule an appointment. Our technicians are professional, licensed electricians with years of experience. We pride ourselves on being skilled and detail-oriented, taking the extra time and steps to ensure that our work is done correctly the first time. We stand behind all our work, and all products installed are under warranty.

Additionally, we provide excellent customer service, as it is important to us to build long-term client relationships. Rest assured that our technicians arrive on time, treat your home with the utmost respect, and get the job done right every time. We always provide the very best in quality and service to our customers.